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Do you feel you live in an upside down world?

As a young person driven by a dream to succeed and bring in positive change, do you feel that rather than being sought out, you are finding yourself struggling for an opportunity to contribute?

Do you feel that you have a lot to offer, but rather than being welcomed, your dreams are being shattered by factors beyond your control – like that college seat you missed because you couldn't afford it, or that job that eluded you because you were ill on the day or that celebrity opening you lost on because the reality TV judging panel overlooked you on the day?

College Canteen's I Dream contest is a tiny effort to set things right – to give our most deserving contestants a window of opportunity to be sought out or to seek out that break which could make their dreams come true. We do not believe that mere marks or interviews are sufficient to judge a person's merit. Afterall, if that were the case, most of the world's greatest achievers would never have made it.

We would like to give our young users a platform to document their dreams and seek out connections that will help them on their journey to dream realisation. The way we look at it, every individual that has a dream and the perseverance to achieve is a winner – making it to the finishing line is only a matter of time.

So if you are aged between 15 and 30 we would like to invite you to share your dream with us. Post  your dreams, post photographs, videos, audio files, even a poem or a joke will do fine. This is not about your language or written skills, this is about your dreams and our own dream to help you realise it. We will publish your dream on the I dream contest page for the world to see. It costs you nothing, but it can bring positive change in your life – and yes, there are prizes to be won! So good luck and get writing.

What you should do

It's simple. Sign up to College Canteen, fill in a very simple form detailing your dream. You could add videos, photographs, audio files (in any language) as supporting material.

We also believe that friendships have great potential – most successful people have a close circle of friends who have helped them along. No wonder networking has become the new buzzword.  So while you fill in your entry, invite your friends to do the same – start out on this exciting journey together.

What we will do for you

Your dreams will be posted on our contest page. We will invite experts in various spheres to view your entries. Our judging process will shortlist the best and the most inspiring submissions.  The best will get extensive coverage on our pages and there is a cash prize for the winning entry. For more, please refer to our pages on rules.


So do enter the I Dream contest and good luck...and yes,  do share this with your friends!