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i DreamĀ  :
to publish my own written story in whole world and to go on world tour.
Educational qualifications :
10th class 63%,12th class 64%,b com.1st yr 64%,
Skills :
Work Experience:
not yet
Social / Charity work :
Hobbies :
singing,drawing,clay modeling,designing.
Strengths :
believe in my self
Life goals :
to be a successful person and make my parents proud of me.
Education goals :
Personal goals :
Social goals :
Career goals :

Things I like :
drawing,singing,playing games,reading story books,flowers etc.
Things I dislike :
blaming on others,taking others appreciation(means work is done by me but another person is give appreciation)
Favourite places :
Disneyland, Dubai, Darjeeling, Jammu and Kashmir.
Favourite entertainment :
watching cartoons,comedy movie,comics.
Favourite Books :
only comics.
favourite Movies/TV programmes:
titanic,nanhe jaisalmer
Favourite website :
Google, Facebook and yahoo
Favourite Music :
your blog/Website URL :